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Winter Conference on Spiritual Gifts


What are the spiritual gifts? Do all Christians have them? Have the miraculous gifts ceased? The topic of spiritual gifts is often a point of contention among Christians.

Preacher & New Testament Scholar Dr. Tom Schreiner will guide us to answer these questions by looking at what the Bible has to say about them.  In doing so, he will bring a spirit of humility and charity, reminding us that though spiritual gifts are important, we can have unity in Christ even where we disagree.
Dr. Tom is professor of New Testament at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the author of a number of books, including his latest work on the same topic.
Registration for this one-day conference on 25 January, 2019 will soon be open. Cost is 80 AED per couple, 50 AED per single, and 40 per student (includes dinner). Child care will be provided.