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Upcoming Sermons


The table below maps out the upcoming sermons for the next three months. We provide the sermon information in an effort to help you prepare for hearing the Word preached each Friday.

Date          Text                                 Title                                                       Preacher
April 6 Acts 9:32 - 10:48 The Gospel for Gentiles Josh Manley
April 14 Acts 11 Gospel Unity Josh Manley
April 20 Acts 12 Prison & Prayer Josh Manley
April 27 Acts 13 Church-Commissioned Missions Josh Manley
May 4 Judges 13-14 A Spineless Strongman Sascha Bär
May 11 Judges 15-16 A Subdued Strongman Sascha Bär
May 18 Acts 14 Tribulations, Preaching, & the Church Josh Manley
May 25 Acts 15:1-16:5 Is the Gospel Really Free? Josh Manley
June 1 Acts 16:6-40 Surprising Calls & Conversions Josh Manley
June 8 Acts 17 The God of All Peoples Josh Manley
June 15 Acts 18:1-23 Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God Josh Manley
June 22 Acts 18:24-19:41 The Gospel Confronts Idols Josh Manley
June 29 Acts 20 Church-Centered Missions Josh Manley