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We’re starting a new study called ‘What’s Church all about?’ Because you’re all here, I think that means you kind of have an idea of what church is about, but over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at some of the things that make church church. ... Keep Reading

The Church Proclaims the Gospel

May 31, 2013 | by: RAKlets | 0 comments

This week we talked about the most important thing that the church does and learned that the most important thing for Christians to do and the most important thing for the church to do, is to proclaim the gospel.... to tell people the good news that Jesus died to pay the price for sin. ... Keep Reading

This week we started our study of the church by asking the first of many questions...what is church? It might seem like a simple question, but we discovered that its a question a lot of people get wrong. We learned that church is God’s people in community and that the things that the first church did in Acts 2 are the same things that churches are called to do today.... Keep Reading

This week we listened in as Peter preached to the crowd gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost. Because of the Holy Spirit, when Peter spoke, everyone there could hear and understand him in their own languages. Peter stood in front of this crowd and did just what the disciples had been called to do ~ He proclaimed the good news that Jesus had come to earth and died for their sin and that He rose again. Then, He told the people to repent of their sin and turn to Jesus.... Keep Reading

This week something that Jesus promised His disciples before He left to return to heaven came true. God sent the Holy Spirit to live with His people and give them power to go out and tell people about Jesus and how the only way to be saved is through Him. When the Holy Spirit came, the room was filled with wind and something that looked like flames were above each person’s head and they were filled with God. At that moment, men who were hiding and scared were suddenly bold enough to go outside and preach to thousands of people about who Jesus is and what He did when He died on the cross in our place.... Keep Reading

This week we found ourselves on a mountain with Jesus and His disciples and we heard Jesus tell them to ‘go and tell’ everyone, everywhere all about Jesus and then Jesus lifted up into the air and vanished into the clouds. After that some angels appeared to the disciples and told them that Jesus would come back some day just like He had gone.... Keep Reading