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This week we saw the disciples hiding in a locked room scared and confused. Peter and John and the women had seen the empty tomb and Mary claimed to have seen Jesus, but they really didn’t understand what was going on. Then, with the doors locked, Jesus appeared in the room with them proving that He is alive now and forever. ... Keep Reading

This week we saw the first part of the greatest story you’ll ever hear as we witness through John 18-19 Jesus being arrested, tried, beaten and then put on a cross to die. We were reminded that His death was to pay the price for our sin. And, as Jesus took His last breath and said, “It is Finished!” we remembered that no one took Jesus’ life from Him, but that He laid down His life for His people and by dying in our place He finished the work He had come to do. Last week ended with Jesus in a tomb and the disciples scared and confused.....but that was just the beginning of the story!... Keep Reading