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In Case the Take-Home-Page didn't make it home this week. This is what we talked about in RAKlets on May17, 2013: 

Brothers, What Shall We Do? - Jesus is both Lord & Christ -- Acts 2:14-41- Peter’s sermon at Pentecost


This week we listened in as Peter preached to the crowd gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost. Because of the Holy Spirit, when Peter spoke, everyone there could hear and understand him in their own languages. Peter stood in front of this crowd and did just what the disciples had been called to do ~ He proclaimed the good news that Jesus had come to earth and died for their sin and that He rose again. Then, He told the people to repent of their sin and turn to Jesus.


Here are some ideas for your family-worship this week. Read more about family worship here.

The Helper Comes
God sent the Holy Spirit to be with His People

  • Day 1- Read Acts 2:14-41 - - These verses were our main verses on Friday and they are basically the first sermon about Jesus after He ascended back to heaven. Pretend that you are a news reporter who was there that day. Read the sermon and then write a news article based on the sermon so that your ‘readers‘ can learn about who Jesus is and what He came to earth to do. 

  • Day 2- Read Luke 1:26-33 & Luke 2:1-20 - - In Peter’s sermon (that you read yesterday), he gave lots of evidence or proof that Jesus is the Messiah who came to rescue God’s people. Each day for the rest of the week, you’re going to read about one of those pieces of evidence and put together a ‘file‘ describing Jesus as if you were an investigator collecting evidence. You can write notes or draw pictures to add to your ‘file‘ each week. The first piece of evidence is that Jesus is the Son of God and He came to earth as a man. 

  • Day 3-Read Matthew 8:23-27 & Matthew 14:13-21- - The second piece of evidence is that Jesus proved who He is (the Son of God- the Messiah) by doing miracle and signs.

  • Day 4- Read Matthew 27:32-56 - - The third piece of evidence is that Jesus died in our place on the cross just like Isaiah had said the Messiah would. See Isaiah 53:4-8- this was a prophecy about the Messiah that all of the Jewish people would have known. 

  • Day 5- Read Mark 16:1-8 - - The fourth piece of evidence is that Jesus had come back to life. As well as the prophecy about His death, the people would have known the prophecies about the Messiah coming back to life (Isaiah 53:11 & Psalm 16:10).


Read this great article to see that the Gospel is also important for your Toddler: The Gospel Matters for Your Toddler.

Play a Game of “Telephone” - Sit in a circle on the floor or around the table as a family. Remind kids that Jesus commanded people to tell other people about Him. Explain that you’re going to say a truth about Jesus in the ear of the person next to you and then they should repeat the same message to the next person until it makes it all the way around the circle. Talk about the importance of listening when someone tells you about Jesus so that you can tell other people about Him. Talk about some of the things you could tell others about Jesus- He is God, He came to earth, He died on the cross, He rose again, He paid for our sin, etc.. Remind them of the story and how Peter told the people in Jerusalem the good news of Jesus.