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In Case the Take-Home-Page didn't make it home this week. This is what we talked about in RAKlets on July 5, 2013: 

Churches Celebrate the Lord’s Supper - The Lord’s Supper is a way to remember that Jesus died in our place -- 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 & Mark 14:12-26

July 5

This Friday we’ve been focusing on the fact that the Lord’s Supper is a way to remember that Jesus died in our place. As we’ve gone through these other stories in the Bible, we’ve been reminded that the whole Bible points to one truth ~ people are separated from God because of sin and the only way we can be forgiven and brought back into relationship with God is by believing that Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for my sin.


Here are some ideas for your family-worship this week. Read more about family worship here.


  • Day 1- Read Mark 14:12-26 & Luke 22:19-20- - In this passage, Jesus and His disciples were having their last dinner together (celebrating Passover). Draw a picture of the scene leaving lots of space to add details the rest of the week. Pay attention to all of the details in the passage, especially what Jesus said to His disciples about the bread and wine.

  • Day 2- Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 - - As Paul wrote letters to new churches he taught them what to do as a church. This was his instruction about celebrating the Lord’s Supper. Add details from this passage to the picture you drew yesterday. What do you think these instructions should mean to the church as the plan the Lord’s Supper?

  • Day 3- Read Exodus 12:1-14 & Hebrews 9:22- - Based on these 2 passages, what is the significance of the wine/ juice in the Lord’s Supper? What did Jesus say it represented? Why is blood significant in the salvation of God’s people? Who’s blood? Add more details information to the picture you’ve been working on all week. 

  • Day 4- Read John 6:1-13 & 33-35- - Based on these verses, what is the significance of the bread in the Lord’s Supper? After reading about Jesus calling Himself the Bread of Life, how can you explain what Jesus meant when He broke the bread and said it was His body broken for them? How does Jesus’ broken body give life to those who follow Him? Add more details to the picture from day one.
  • Day 5- Read Mark 15:33-47- - This passage is one of the accounts of Jesus‘ death. As you read through this familiar passage what references to other passages you read this week did you come across. How was Jesus‘ body broken and how was His blood poured out. Finish any details that might still be missing on your picture.


Read this great article to see that the Gospel is also important for your Toddler: The Gospel Matters for Your Toddler.

  • THIS WEEKS STORY: The Last Supper- - Mark 14

Does your mom ever make you a special dinner? Who likes to go out to a restaurant for a special meal? What sort of things do you like to eat? (Allow time for children to respond to your questions)

Our story today is about a special dinner that Jesus had with his friends. This dinner wasn’t going to be just an ordinary dinner, but a very special meal where Jesus and His friends would remember what God did years before when He led His people out of Egypt. This dinner would also be where Jesus would tell his friends how much he loved them and what He was going to do to rescue them from sin.

Jesus and His friends were very excited to celebrate Passover. It was a special holiday every year. Passover was a time for them to remember many years earlier in Egypt when God passed over and saved His people.

Jesus’ disciples knew all about the Passover feast and they thought this Passover would be just like every other year. But Jesus had planned something special. Jesus knew that it was almost time for Him to die and that once again God would pass over and save those people whom had had chosen. Jesus wanted a special way for everyone to remember what He would do.

During the Passover celebration Jesus held up some bread and thanked God for it. Then Jesus broke it in half and passed it around the table to His disciples. Then Jesus said, “This bread will help you remember what will happen to my body. Please eat this with me.”

The disciples were surprised when Jesus said that! They had never celebrated the Passover like this before.

Then Jesus held up the wine. He thanked God for it, gave it to His disciples and said, “This wine will help you remember what will happen to my blood. God has a plan. My blood will forgive your sin.”

Ever since that special Passover, people have remembered what Jesus did when He died on the cross by eating bread and drinking grape juice together. When we do this at church we remember that Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sin.

  • Play “Can You Hear Me Now?”- Find pictures of the underlined words and place them face down on the table. Take turns turning over cards and revealing pictures from the story. As pictures are revealed, use the following dialogue with the kids to help them remember the story and ultimately remember the importance of the story….“The cup looks a lot like the cup Jesus may have used to serve the disciples. The table was very low to the floor because in Bible times, you didn’t sit on chairs at the table. Instead, you reclined on pillows around the table to share a meal. As Jesus served the bread, He told them to always remember the things He had told them. The Bible is where we can read the things that Jesus said. The heart reminds us that Jesus died on the cross because of His great love for His people.”
  • Learn the Memory Verse

- Salvation- cross arms over chest

- Is Found- hand over eyes like you’re looking for something

- In- put fingers from one hand inside cupped other hand

- No One Else- arms out to the side like a cross

- Acts 4:12