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In Case the Take-Home-Page didn't make it home this week. This is what we talked about in RAKlets on May 3, 2013: 

Goodbye - Hello - Jesus is coming back one day -- Acts 1- The Ascension of Jesus


This week we found ourselves on a mountain with Jesus and His disciples and we heard Jesus tell them to ‘go and tell’ everyone, everywhere all about Jesus and then Jesus lifted up into the air and vanished into the clouds. After that some angels appeared to the disciples and told them that Jesus would come back some day just like He had gone.


Here are some ideas for your family-worship this week. Read more about family worship here.

The Helper Comes
God sent the Holy Spirit to be with His People

  • Day 1- Read Acts 1:1-11 - - Draw a cartoon of this scene. Focus on who said what to whom and on the fact that Jesus will come back to earth some day.

  • Day 2- Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 - - Remember yesterday’s did the angels say Jesus would return? According to these verses, what will happen to all of God’s people....those who have died and those who are still alive... when Jesus comes back? Write Revelation 22:7 (this weeks’ challenge verse on a piece of paper to help you remember that Jesus is coming back.

  • Day 3- Read Matthew 25:31-46- - In these verses, Jesus is teaching the disciples what will happen when He comes back. Try to imagine the scene of everyone in the world standing in front of Jesus on His throne and people being separated- some to spend an eternity with God and some to have eternal punishment. What is the difference in these two groups of people? Read Ephesians 2:8-9 and discuss how some are saved. 

  • Day 4-Read John 14:1-9- - Jesus told His disciples that if they had seen Him that has seen God and that He is the way to the Father. Draw a treasure map with God as the treasure and Jesus as the way to help you remember this truth.

  • Day 5- Read Acts 1:12-26 - - After Jesus returned to heaven, the disciples started to do the job Jesus had left them to do, but the first thing they did was to choose a man to replace Judas (the disciple who had betrayed Jesus). How did they choose? (Casting lots is kind of like drawing straws and is a way that people made decision in Bible times to show that God was the one doing the choosing....because God is sovereign/ in control over everything).


Read this great article to see that the Gospel is also important for your Toddler: The Gospel Matters for Your Toddler.

Play a Game of “Goodbye- Hello” - Have kids stand on one side of the room with you. Tell kids that when you say goodbye they should slowly start walking away from you, but when you say hello they should turn around and come back toward you. Play a few times varying the amount of time between saying goodbye and hello. After playing, remind them that Jesus said goodbye and went to heaven but that He promised to come back and take everyone who is following God to live with Him forever. Jesus also told His disciples that in the meantime they should go everywhere and teach people that Jesus died on the cross for their sin & that Jesus came back to life.