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In Case the Take-Home-Page didn't make it home this week. This is what we talked about in RAKlets on April 12,2013: 

The Surprise Visitor - Jesus is alive now and forever

April 12

This week we saw the third part of the greatest story you’ll ever hear as we witness through John 20. We saw the disciples hiding in a locked room scared and confused. Peter and John and the women had seen the empty tomb and Mary claimed to have seen Jesus, but they really didn’t understand what was going on. Then, with the doors locked, Jesus appeared in the room with them proving that He is alive now and forever.

You can watch a great video of the Jesus-Story-Book-Bible about our week's story here.



Here are some ideas for your family-worship this week. Read more about family worship here.

  • Day 1- Read John 20:19-23 - - Why were the disciples locked in a room? What were they afraid of? What do you think your first reaction would have been if you were one of the disciples? How did Jesus prove that He is alive? How do you know that Jesus is alive?
  • Day 2- Read John 20:24-31- - When they other disciples told Thomas that Jesus was alive, how did He react? What proof did he say that he would need to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead? What made Thomas believe? In verse 29, Jesus said that Thomas believed because he had seen proof, how does Jesus call us to believe today?
  • Day 3- Read Hebrews 11- - This is a long chapter in the Bible about people who believed in Jesus by faith. All of these people lived long before Jesus was born and they believed by faith that God would send the Rescuer. They didn’t need proof, they put their trust and hope in a salvation that was yet to come. None of us have seen Jesus, but we can read the accounts of the people who did and live by faith. 

  • Day 4- Read the story of one of the people who lived by faith- - Choose one of the people you read about yesterday who believed by faith and ask your mom or dad to help you find their story elsewhere in the Bible. Read about them and then draw a picture of what they did to show that they believed by faith
  • Day 5- Read Romans 10:9-15- - Based on verses 9 & 10, what do you need to believe by faith about Jesus? As you read through verses 13-15 make a list of what all it says must happen for someone to believe. Take a moment to thank God for the people who told you the good news about Jesus.