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In Case the Take-Home-Page didn't make it home this week. This is what we talked about in RAKlets on May10, 2013: 

The Helper Comes - God sent the Holy Spirit to be with His people -- Acts 2:1-3- Pentecost (God sends the Spirit)


This week something that Jesus promised His disciples before He left to return to heaven came true. God sent the Holy Spirit to live with His people and give them power to go out and tell people about Jesus and how the only way to be saved is through Him. When the Holy Spirit came, the room was filled with wind and something that looked like flames were above each person’s head and they were filled with God. At that moment, men who were hiding and scared were suddenly bold enough to go outside and preach to thousands of people about who Jesus is and what He did when He died on the cross in our place.


Here are some ideas for your family-worship this week. Read more about family worship here.

The Helper Comes
God sent the Holy Spirit to be with His People

  • Day 1- Read Exodus 40:34-38 - - When the Holy Spirit came, God was living with His people in a different way than He ever had before. Get 4 pieces of paper for the week. On the top of one write “God With His People.” Based on the verses you just read, write or draw how God lived with His people in Old Testament times. 

  • Day 2- Read Exodus 40:1-5 & Leviticus 16:1-4 and 11-14 - - So, God was with His people, but He was separated from them because He is Holy and we are sinful. On your 2nd piece of paper, write “God Separated from His People” then, write/ draw what separated Holy God from sinful man and who/ when someone could be in God’s presence. When did this change? (Matthew 27:51)

  • Day 2-Read Matthew 1:18-23 and John 1:14- - Take the 3rd piece of paper and write “Jesus was with His people” on the top of it. Write or draw things from these verses that tell us about how Jesus came to live with His people and what He came to do when He came as “God with Us.”

  • Day 4- Read John 14:15-21 - - While Jesus was still with His people, He told His disciples that He was going to leave them, but that He wouldn’t leave them alone as orphans. He told them that He would send the Spirit. On the top of your last piece of paper, write “The Spirit Came to be with God’s People” then write what Jesus said about the coming Spirit. At the bottom of the page draw what you remember from Friday.

  • Day 5- Read Acts 2:1-13 - - This was our main Bible passage for the week- the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Work together as a family to act out this passage. Be sure to include what the disciples were doing before the Spirit came, what they saw & heard, and what they were empowered to do after the Spirit came.


Read this great article to see that the Gospel is also important for your Toddler: The Gospel Matters for Your Toddler.

Play a Game of “Telephone” - Sit in a circle on the floor or around the table as a family. Remind kids that Jesus commanded people to tell other people about Him. Explain that you’re going to say a truth about Jesus in the ear of the person next to you and then they should repeat the same message to the next person until it makes it all the way around the circle. Talk about the importance of listening when someone tells you about Jesus so that you can tell other people about Him. Talk about some of the things you could tell others about Jesus- He is God, He came to earth, He died on the cross, He rose again, He paid for our sin, etc.