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The Terrible Lie - Week 3 JSB - Get into the Word

September 22, 2014 | by: RAKlets | 0 comments

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This we talked about sin. We read the story of the first sin from Genesis 3 and saw how the consequence of sin is death. We talked about how since Adam and Eve all people are born sinners and all choose our own way instead of God’s way.


Every week your child will get a few tools to take home and these are a great opportunity for you to review the weeks topic with your kids!

On the front of the page you’ll find the monthly memory verse, the challenge verse for the week, an excerpt from the lesson, and a preview of next week’s lesson. A sample back page is seen below. Similar activities will be on the back of the page each week and are designed to be used for your whole family to spend time together in the Word.

These are the types of activities you’ll find each week and how you might want to use them with your family. Today we want to focus on one of these...


Get Into the Word

This section lists 5 Bible readings for the week. These could be done for independent Bible study, or read and discussed as part of your family worship.

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