Join us Fridays at 10:30 am

RAKlets is the Children's Ministry of RAKChurch. 

It exists to partner with parents in raising up children who are commited followers of Jesus Christ; through Gospel focused, Bible based, age appropriate teaching designed to reach a new generation of children here in Ras Al Khaimaih.




Ages are by Sept 1st 2016!

We meet every Friday 10:30 in the Foyer area.

There is also 930childcare for ages 0-5.

Please make sure to drop your kids into the right groups! Dolphins will be in their foyer area to your right and the other 2 groups in the foyer area to your left for Registration! Palmtrees and 4x4s will be joining the conregation before they get age appropriate Teaching and Exploring Time!

Please note if you put your kids in the 930 childcare which is from 0-5, 0-3 year olds will transition to Dolphins and 4-5 year olds need to be picked up and registered at their group!



Study 2016/2017: 



The study is based on this book:


Great Article on the gospel coalition about this study.

Great Audio File about the study.

Some helpful articles: